Since its inception, Levant Fleet has always been proud to possess three main qualities that set us apart fundamentally from and ahead of others in the same industry.


Our cost-efficient and economic-effective way to utilize our resources

Our primary function is to provide ship owners with safe ship operations and pollution prevention services, while at the same time maintaining asset value, ensuring optimum cost-effective performance, and enhancing return-on-investment.

We achieve this by assigning a dedicated team to oversee the budget, operation and asset value of the vessel on the back of our highly skilled technical management team and a specifically designed cloud-based analysis tool - PARIS.

Together, we make sure our resources are being allocated and utilized efficiently such that we can effectively fulfill the needs and requirements of each owner in our portfolio.

Our transparency of our operations

As each vessel under our management is unique and comes with its own demands and expectations, we work hard to ensure any information about the vessels is disseminated in the most reliable and transparent manner, and in the shortest possible time to our clients.

At Levant Fleet, we closely analyze each vessel's conditions with our state-of-the-art monitoring system and generate reports that are being diligently examined by our technical management teams at regular intervals. In addition, our superintendents conduct a full inspection on each vessel every 3 months, detailing the challenges and problems along with an action plan, which is shared both internally with our masters and chief engineers and externally with our clients to ensure that we are all fully coordinated.

We bring up and immediately attend to any deficiencies and non-compliances found, maintaining the optimal value of the vessel and enhancing the performance consistently.

Simply put, we pride ourselves in the transparency of our operations.

Our first-rate crew management across operations of vessels

Since our inception, we have put a great deal of emphasis on crew management and have successfully sourced, trained, and maintained a world-class, qualified, and efficient crew on all of our vessels.

We maintain the highest level of management service, consistently so reflected by our outstanding relationships with our clients - an accomplishment that would not exist without our diligent workforce: a very dedicated group of staff united by a shared commitment to the Group's values of integrity, excellence and client focus.

With over 500 cadets in our service at any given time, we recognize it is of utmost importance to manage a consistently qualified and efficient crew. Therefore, our on-board crew is mandated to a 12-week training prior to joining ships, qualified under STCW Convention, and backed by a team of experienced and professional shore-based staff.

At Levant Fleet, we believe a first-rate crew is the backbone of success and hence our nine offices in India, one in Philippines (Manila), one in China (Dalian), one in Odessa (Ukraine) and one in Istanbul (Turkey) are dedicated for providing in house crewing support to our fleet together with a state of the art training center located at Mumbai, India.